price for ink twiggy?

  1. what's an average price for an ink twiggy in good shape?
  2. my guess is to expect to pay at least $1000, Balenciaga's tend to retain their value or even go up if they're no longer available. I'm no expert though, I hope others chime in!
  3. so ink would be a good color choice? it might go up in value? i have terrible luck with my bags decreasing in value a lot and i can't afford to lose a lot of money. i really like the color, the only downside is i think it might be too big on short me. anyone know how the twiggy compares in size to a baby paddy?
  4. Depending on the condition... I think it could be either up on down on retail.

    Prices really vary... it depends on how much someone is willing to pay and how much someone is willing to let it go for!
  5. I'd say an ink twiggy in good condition can go from about least, that's the amount I'd pay!!! :rolleyes: :yes:
  6. According to completed eBay auctions over the past month for ink bags, final selling prices range from $900-$1026...keep in mind that the ink is a fairly recent color too. It just came out last year! I don't think it will reach Eggplant/Mustard/Marigold proportions in value any time soon, but who knows what will happen in 2-3 years? This color has a cult-like following already, and it is a color that has attracted me (and others!) to Balenciaga bags.
  7. Hi gymangel,

    It's great that a lot of our bags do have a resale value, but you can't ever count on that remaining the case. That being said, most average bags seem to sell at no more than a 25% discount off the retail as long as the bag is kept in good condition with little darkening of the handles. So if you buy a First for about $1000, you should be able to sell it later for at least $750. And if you happen to buy a bag in a color that more people want later, you might be able to get back the full $1000. Occasionaly someone gets more than they paid, but that's rare in the overall scheme of things.

    IMHO it's important to remember that these bags are not actual investments. So buy a color you love, wear it as often as you like and don't count on getting your money back on it!
  8. ^ I agree with the cult...I've joined that cult twice now...once you're're in
  9. Shhhh thats my excuse for wanting soooo many! hehehe
  10. that's why i want to get a good deal, so i lose less money, i will most likely only buy a bag if its below what people value it at (aka a good deal). i don't, nor can i afford, pay retail for my designer goods and don't want to start now ;). about how much would you guys value a twiggy with light wear on the corners, missing the mirror tassles and a tiny scuff on the hardware? prolly should have mentioned that when i made the post, lol.

    would an ink even have handles that are darkened?

  11. Oh, Fashion!

    If you only knew how often I've used this excuse to make it seem like I'm being really, really smart buying b-bags!!! :roflmfao:


    But as my brother likes to say...Man is not a rational animal; man is a rationalizing animal.
  12. for a mint bag i would pay close to retail..maybe 950 to 1000
  13. Gymangel,

    There was an interesting thread recently called something like "How much do you pay for your b-bags" -- search the Forum for it. Oh, here's the link:

    You'll see people listing the bags they bought and how much they paid for them, often at a discount on eBay. That should give you a good idea of what kinds of deals come along from time to time from a buyers perspective so you'll know what prices you should be offering in order to make a purchase work financially for you. Good luck!
  14. Aint that the truth!