Price for Flaps

  1. anyone knows how much is the caviar classic flap in medium size? And, medium in new chain? I know that the small one is $1650 CAD but how much is the medium one?? Price in CAD prefer (since Im in canada)...thx
  2. It's $1995USD
  3. I think about 2200 CDN.
  4. The small is only Cdn$1650? now? Do you know what colour they have in Canada other than Black, white & beige?

  5. I know tht they have black...white is proberly gone...and I dont know about other colors...maybe a dark brown one..!
  6. I just paid $2150 before tax on 7/ 14 for a Classic Flap / med size in black caviar with the "new" chain (which is silver hardware). Purchased at NM. :smile:
  7. Today's price from Bloor Toronto:
    Medium Blk Caviar (9.5x6) - $2100
    Mini Blk Caviar (6.8x5) - $1550
    ~ I was told there's no small.

    Another price from HR Montreal:
    Medium (9.5x6) - $2200
    Small (9x5.5) - $2100
    ~Both double flaps/double chains/holes