Price for Craie Paddy

  1. Still on the topic of the double glory of Bella and Roma's Craie purchases, what fair price can you expect to pay for Craie Paddy? :sweatdrop:

  2. I think around 1100-1300 USD is a great price for a preowned discontinued paddy.
  3. Agree with D&G :yes:
  4. Okay, now someone find a half dozen--we'd have alot of takers!
  5. :lol: agree!

    craie and mousse are next in my wish list and hopefully i will be sated after that :graucho:
  6. I so wish I pushed Bella a little harder to sell me that paddy she won when we all thought it was sable!!! She got herself such a great deal that will never be seen again! :crybaby:

    OT - When will we get to see your whiskey aki???
  7. Here is my whiskey. But she would really like a craie to keep her company.
  8. LOL, me too!!! :graucho: :p :nuts:


  9. LOL! You tried too??? :nuts: Wonder how many PM Bella got that day!
  10. Lol. I still haven't made up my mind about her as I'm waiting for the apple conditioner to arrive! She lovely but I'm not sure her coloring is right for me. PS. Is aki the same person as ReRe?

  11. Woops obviously not then.... still waiting for your whiskey aki!
  12. Am I first in line if you don't??? :p

    Don't think Aki and ReRe are the same person. Aki is an Aussie? And ReRe is in Philadelphia...

    OT - Woohoo 1501! :nuts:
  13. We're different persons but with the same passion :graucho:

    I think I bought my whisky the same time as ReRe...I know I cant wait to show her here :p
    Will try to take pics of her today...

    She still smells that beautiful leather and just gorgeous! *me being dopey about my own bag *LOL
  14. Okay... I'm done waiting now! Show us your new purchase!
  15. Yes, show us that gorgeous bag!!! Did you have to pay customs, aki???