price for chanel earrings

  1. you know the one that a lot of girls has... CC's earrings...

    how much are those??

    and i know this sounds stupid:s but rhinestones or real diamonds?
  2. I am sorry i can't exactly help with the price, since I don't remember. But a ball park figure is 150ish? I know its definitely less than 200. I am sure somebody else could give you the exact amount. They are definitely not real diamonds, i think they are crystals. Hope it helps for now, and I am sure somebody else will give you the exact info.
  3. I was online, and saw that they are going for as much as 600 dollars on eBay. Now, I don't think the price jumped that much, when I was at the Chanel store (a couple months ago) they were def. less than 200. I have also seen a lot of fakes online too, if you are going to get them, i would suggest buying them from the store directly to ensure you get the real deal.
  4. ^ITA.

    If you want prices as well as pictures, I suggest going in the Chanel Accessories thread in the Chanel Reference Library. :yes:
  5. thanks to all!
  6. They are $225 per the Chanel boutique and my local NM. That is for the medium ones. They are crystal and the metal is suposed to be something called strass.
  7. I have the large ones I believe and I paid about $245? I forget!
  8. I have the small ones, I paid £82 ($164) for them in March 2006.
  9. $225 for medium, just bought them for my sister in-law for Christmas. My SA told me they are made of Swarovski Crystal
  10. Definitely do not buy off of eBay!! I would get them at the worries then =)
  11. OK my earrings arrived today (from Saks) and they are $240.

    The earrings came in a new shipment. The old stock was quoted to me at $225.

    There goes Chanel increasing the prices with each new stock.
  12. Large is about $220/£110 - I just got them recently
  13. The large size is $240.
  14. I have the smaller Swarovski ones with the silver tone metal, got them at Saks on Rodeo Dr. a couple years ago for $200ish. My hard earned lesson: clean them carefully, because those little rhinestones fall out and I had to pay $50 (!!!) to have them sent back to Chanel and repaired.
  15. I just got mine, new release as well, $240 from NM. Kind of steep, but oh so pretty!