price for berenia vs. togo

  1. would the same purse in berenia be priced higher than togo?
  2. barenia? oh yes.
  3. definately! Barenia is very sought after. Right now production is on pause while the dieing company is on training. It is due to be re-issued. Right now the only thing you can get in Barenia is accessories and small leather goods.
  4. Thank you!
  5. Welcome :flowers:
  6. Welcome - Barenia is fabulous if you can find it.
  7. Barenia is fabulous. I played around with the leather in the color/leather catalog. It is really amazing how you can scratch the leather and then make it disappear.

    I'd love a natural barenia/canvas combination in a 30cm Birkin!
  8. bagg...fab link...thank you!!!!!!

  9. ohh yes...I adore it...can't keep my hands off it!!! mmmmmmm..........smell it!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. speaking of barenia . . . GF, are you getting your fingers all warmed up to bid on that barenia kelly? i'm going to be in transit when the auction ends, so i'm sure i'll get sniped. :crybaby: but if it can't be me, i sure hope someone on here gets it!
  11. ohhh - I have a sneaking suspicion a NY gal is planning to bid on it, so I may drop out of the race.......I want a rouge vif chevre something now!!!!
  12. speaking of which, i called madison and king of prussia today to see whether they had your agenda and it was a no-go. madison has one of the other reds, but not vif. it was too funny -- i asked about rouge "vee eye eff" and she had no idea what i was talking about, until the light clicked on and she said (with french accent) "ohhhh, you must mean 'rrrrrouge veef' "

    ps: all's fair in love, war and barenia - so bid away if you feel the urge!
  13. he, he,'s funny when you initially hear all the rrrrouge ahhhhshhhhhh......I love that one!
  14. vif means alive, or lively, by the way.....