price for balenciaga city

  1. what is the price for a balenciaga city and giant city bags right now??

    last time, i checked... 1,095.. which was a long time ago...
  2. 1195 for city, 1595 for giant city, not inclusive of tax
  3. thanks aki_sato and glistenpearls!

    and um...

    i have only seen the giant city so what does the city look like, exactly? whats the difference?

    City [115748] $1,195 15 x 10 x 5.5

    Giant City [173084] $1,595 15 x 10 x 3.5
  4. ashley, I emailed Aloha Rag for the dimensions of the Giant City. This is what they emailed me:

    The Giant City (w/ Giant Textured Gold Studs)
    $1595 USD
    (h)9.5in x (w)15in x (d)5.5in / Strap Length 24.5in
    (h) 24 cm x (w) 38 cm x (d) 14 cm / Strap Length: 62 cm

    It seems then that
    Giant City's dimensions are the same as the City's - the difference is the size of the hardware. Hopefully someone else can confirm this. I'm new to Balenciaga, and I'm researching a bit before making the dive :p
  5. The Giant City has the GIANT HARDWARE either silver or gold,
    The City has the regular size gardware and has tassels (a bigger version of the First).