Price for a SONATINE

  1. I paid $200 for an authentic SONATINE. you think I got a good deal?
  2. If it's's great price..If you are not sure the whether it's authentic or not..please post detail picture to authenticate shopping section..
  3. Im pretty sure its an authentic. you can tell right away a fake LV for a real one. It is about 1 yr old, and the handles are already a honey color. Thanks for your help.
  4. It's a great price! I got mine on pre love between 400 to 500 4 yrs ago.
  5. No problem, congrats!!
  6. here are the pictures of the sonatine
    sonatine.jpg sonatine close.jpg sonatine flap.jpg sonatine side.jpg
  7. I miss my Sonatine. What an awesome deal! : )
  8. Good deal!
  9. im not sure about that... better have it authenticated. some fakes are REALLY REALLY difficult to spot, and sometimes it actually takes physical inspection to tell if its fake..
  10. I think that's an awesome deal!
  11. If its real, thats a great deal - I got mine for $500 a couple months ago, but she was never used, so the leather is still virgin :yes: But $200 for any LV I think is a steal! Congrats!!
  12. congrats! you got a great deal!
  13. Should I get one too? Can you model it for me? Thanks!
  14. I will take pics of mine later...I have had a year, it is like new....I LOVE IT....I could never put a price on it...$200 is CHEAP!!!! ENJOY!!
  15. if its auth
    this is a very good price..