Price for a Luggage Tag + Heatstamping

Sep 29, 2007
Wow, that's not bad. I have no idea what color to get though. What colors are available? I remember reading someone getting gold, and that sounds really pretty and chic. Is the tag very small? How many letters can I get stamped on the tag?


Oct 7, 2006
Sidoarjo, Indonesia
If I remembered correctly, there are three sizes of the tags. Small, medium, and large. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this.

And there are two colours of the tags... vachetta and black.

You are only allowed to get 3 letters stamped (not including dots if you want them between letters) on a tag - though I heard some people managed to get 4 letters.

The letters also come in 3 sizes I think.

In other countries, you can only use A-Z and 0-9 but I heard in China you can have your Chinese family name stamped on tags. However, if you stamped your tag with Chinese family name you are only allowed to get one character stamped on the tag.

As for colours, there are plenty to choose.

It's probably better to go to the store and ask the SA, they will also be able to help you to choose the best combination for your tag.

And as someone has mentioned earlier, this heat-stamping service is free. :smile:


oui, Louis!
May 15, 2006
Canberra, Australia
im pretty sure there are only two sizes - regular and mini:

the regular on the left is tinted cowhide from my Ouvea carryall. the mini is in Utah leather which is the only one that comes with the extra piston latch. depending on your boutique's "spare parts" stock, they are also available in a lot of different colours. mostly in the colours that were made in Epi and some in leather trim used in runway/seasonal bags too. here in Melbourne they still have Chipango gold and Borneo green luggage tags available. just bring in a bag and ask the SA if they have one to match it.