Price for 2008 reissue

  1. I know reissues are coming back and was wondering if price will go up again.
    Did they increase price for reissues in this past November?
    I found latest increased price for reissues from reference subforum and would that price hold for new reissue collection?
    I think 227 was $ 2895.
    Do you think Chnanel will increase more as new collection comes out?
    If anyone know, please let me know.
  2. These new prices should be for Spring/Summer 2008.
  3. I heard $3495 for the 227...
  4. I echo that: $3495 for 227
  5. Please say it aint so :crybaby:
  6. ^ I know! My reaction to that price after reading another thread was something like :wtf: :amazed: :shocked: times 100!!!
  7. holy crap.... $3495!!! oh how i miss the days when I thought $2500 was expensive for the grey reissue!!
  8. oh my gawd I cant beleive the price is soo high! I will have to leave it for now!
  9. :wtf: *faints*
  10. $3,495??? HOLY COW. I'm so glad I'm more of a classic flap gal than a reissue gal. That price is astronomical.
  11. What about the 226 and 225 sizes, anyone have those prices?
  12. Hmm, I'm on order for 2 spring 227's and my SA said that they are 2895.00 plus tax. My SA also said the 226 will be 2650.00 plus tax. :confused1: He also said there will be a 228 and it is 3495.00 plus tax.
  13. Hi twin! :smile: Ohhh, see, that's what I thought the price was... I'm so confused!! Another pfer, joyfishu, said she called the Chanel 800 number, and was given that info by the rep... and apparently, she was told there would also be no 228 reissues! :confused1: I'm hoping that rep was on crack haha. :p

  14. This is the info. I received from my SA regarding the price increase
    NOVEMBER 2008
    In early November, CHANEL
    will be increasing the retail value
    of their classic merchandise.
    Here are a few examples of the
    new prices…
    Medium Flap in Caviar
    Current Price: $2,350
    New Price: $2,695
    Jumbo Classic in Caviar
    Current Price: $2,650
    New Price: $2,995
    Jumbo Classic in Lamb
    Current Price: $2,850
    New Price: $3,195
    Grand Shopping Tote (GST)
    Current Price: $2,125
    New Price: $2,495
    Petite Shopping Tote (PST)
    Current Price: $1,495
    New Price: $1,650
  15. thanks for the 411