Price Drops?? Where Have I been...

  1. I'm sorry, I do not know know of the price drops for Louis Vuitton. I would love to know what prices have been dropped. I keep hearing about the Batignnolles price drop. Is this the only model? All I hear about is price increases!! Can anyone help me - and tell me what I've missed out on knowing about. I might of missed the posts about this, due to work ect, and not being able to come on here when it was posted.

    Thanks for any replies :flowers:
  2. The BH, BV, and regular Batignolles dropped. It was rumored the Lockit was going to as well, I don't know if thats true or not.

    Correct me if I'm wrong :confused1:
  3. The reg. model (now $635) along with the horizontal and vertical model went down (now $710). The fench purse in mono, damier, and azur is now down to $525 as well. There is also a rumor of the Lock-it going down in price too.
  4. I almost bought the French Purse back in January. Oh good to know about the Batignolles, and I'm seriously thinking of one of these above purses, the Batignolles Horizontal, and I was looking at the Lock It. Cool - I didn't know. I don't want to ask why there was a price drop, cuz its good there was one. But it makes me wonder why the dropped the prices.
  5. im glad they dropped, i hope everything drops...
  6. wow, me too! that would be nice. :p
  7. I agree.
  8. yep they've dropped and I think the Lockit too???
  9. Lockit hasn't, I hope it wasn't just a rumor.
  10. I hope everything drops. But, I do not hope, that everything decreases in value!
  11. did the french purse with the eight credit card slots decrease in price? or does the price decrease only apply to the older french purse with the four credit card slots? tia!
  12. ^^ 866 informed me 525 was the price for all french purses in stores, and all the FPs in stores now are the 8 ccs. i asked this specifically and she said it was for the 8 ccs, and the site that says FP is only 4 cc slot isn't updated yet.....i'd take what she says with a grain of salt as we always do with 866, but im hoping this is the case!
  13. Hi, I went yesterday and purchased the Azur French purse.. the newer version w/ 8 credit card slots and it was $525.
  14. Thanks for the replies :yes:
    I'm not sure what shoulder purse I want - I can't wait to check out the Batignolles Horizontal or Vertical. :smile:
  15. I think almost every LV price dropped in Canada because of the low currency exchange but the US prices went up.

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