Price drops for many sale bags at NM - DO price adjust and get some $$ back!

  1. Hey gals,

    I bought 2 chloe bags on sale at NM a few days ago. I just found that the prices of both have dropped!

    Paddy in gold: from $821 to $639

    Silverado in tan: from $736 to $572

    I found that many other chloe bags on sale have had a price drop in the past a few days as well. So if you've ordered one recently, you could possibly do a price adjustment and get some money back (which goes to your next bag purchse of coz!)
  2. I did this when I purchased my red Edith last month - its price dropped by $250 7 days or so after I bought it. I just called NM customer service and they were happy to process the price adjustment.
  3. I just called NM to see if I qualify... it's 30 days for internet purchases : (
  4. thanks for this post! i had bought the cross body paddington satchel for 898 and it got lowered to 698! had no idea they did price adjustments!!! the guy told me 10 days for internet purchases though:sad: b/c it didnt apply to one i bought more than 10 days ago! great advice though:smile:
  5. I was told no on a final sale, a chloe clutch bag I purchased for $333 (on sale from $550) dropped to around $270 and they wouldn't give me the adjustment. Unfortunately they were sold out by the time I found out about the $270 price or I would have just repurchased it and returned the other.
  6. Here is their fine print on last call!

    Price adjustments
    Prices are subject to change. Excluding LAST CALL ONLINE CLEARANCE merchandise, we offer a one-time (single order) refund or adjustment for items purchased within 10 days of a price adjustment. This includes permanent Sale items and excludes temporary special promotion items and LAST CALL ONLINE CLEARANCE items. For questions and adjustments call 1-888-888-4757.