Price different ???

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  1. Questions to all the tPF experts here.
    I noticed the price difference between eluxury and e-store on

    for Roxbury >>> eluxury is $915
    but on is $875
    so im a bit confused on why would they diffentiate the price on 2 sites

    any clues?:confused1:
  2. Wow didn't notice it. Do you remember what other bags you saw with a different price? Because that's the only one I find. :hrmm:
  3. only guess is that the e-store just launched today, so there might be a few bugs to work out.
  4. hmmm.... I just looked and the Amarante zippy is only $675 and the other colors are $710. There must be some bugs in the site.
  5. I noticed a price difference from the site and in the shop for the susnet boulevard. It was a couple of weeks ago...
  6. on, it does say that the Roxbury is $875 but as soon as you click "purchase now" it shows up as $915 in your shopping cart

    so yeah i think the new site w/ pricing and all has a few bugs to work out. in a few days all the correct pricing should be there i imagine