Price different in Europe and US?

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  1. Not sure if someone asked this before but are the Balenciaga prices different depending on which countries you buy them in? I'm going to Paris in 2 weeks time and wanting to get an ink city (if possible), so was wondering if it would be cheaper over there or the same as in London?
  2. Last Thursday, I bought a Balenciaga box in St. Barths which uses the euro. They told me they price it the same as Paris. It was 780 euros which I believe converts to $936 because the dollar right now is 1.2 to 1. Based on that, I think I saved $50. Hey, I'll take it. :biggrin:
  3. Wow 780 Euros. Was it for a first or a city? The city costs 897-900 Euros just the U.K is a bit more expensive there it is 940 Euros for a city. The U.S are always more expensive in European designers than Europe. I bought mine over the phone here in Germany and paid 898,- I talked to Bal Paris and it was 900 + shipping.have fun in Paris!!
  4. Thanx for the info guys! I found out that the city in London costs 720 Pounds which i think converts to $1,249.84?! I think if I buy one it would be better in Paris lol!
  5. According to the Cricket store in Liverpool, the city should be 650 pounds (about $1215). That seems high to me...

  6. Really? That's what one of the sellers on ebay told me. Hmmm, I'm going to call Selfridges to double check.
  7. Selfridges just told me it's 715 Pounds, still more expensive than Paris. I didn't know the Cricket store in Liverpool was cheaper :amazed: ! Thanx esiders!
  8. It should be less in the continental Europe than the UK. US being the highest price for the bags. Sometimes even when you figure in exchange rate, customs, and shipping you still get a better deal. Even better if you happen to be in Europe and can buy yourself and save the shipping, plus you get the VAT deducted.
  9. Here in Florence the City is 850 Euros, the Purse 770. The Work 950. I saw them yesterday.. sigh!
  10. Woohoo! I'm going to Florence in 4 weeks, I'm gonna check that out. Fraublucher, which store is that in?

    BTW - the city is 897 in Holland.
  11. In Italy the first cost 830€ ( almost 1000$)
  12. I saved about $150 buying a city bag in Zurich after the VAT refund.
  13. It's called Gerard. They are legit. I was amazed: they had more than 20 balenciaga in assorted colors and styles.. I'm checking them again tomorrow because I want to see if I read the price tag correctly!
  14. Remember to do the VAT refund! That's how you really save money when you make a large purchase because if you're not from the European Union, you're entitled to get the taxes you paid for the bag back. You'll need to ask the SA for a VAT refund form, I know I had to fill it out in the store in Dublin, but that might vary from store to store-country to country. It takes a while to get the refund (9 weeks for mine), but it's worth doing.
  15. you will certainly save something. the pound is the strongest!!