price difference?

  1. So i was looking at the Grelots Key Chain on eluxury and on the LV website (under the USA tab of course) and there is a price difference!!! It's only 20 bucks (elux is 20 bucks cheaper) but still!!!!

    whats up with that???:boxing:
  2. could it be taxes??
  3. taxes are added after the item is purchased, not before

    plus if for instance i live in oklahoma, there is no headquaters nor is there an LV store...the two entities are not liable to pay state taxes in oklahoma therefore I would not be charged tax!!!

  4. Was there a price increase and ELux didn't reflect it? Why don't you call the 866 number and find out. Since they authorize ELux to sell, they may honor the lower price :oh: If not, I would order from ELux. $20 towards the funding of another item!
  5. Hmm.. something strange is going on..

    On the LV website, it says the cruise "Mini Lin Croisette Bag Charm" is $450 USD and the "Chaine Grelots Keyholder" is $415 USD , but I swear when I saw them in the LV store this past weekend, they were $415 CAD and around $465 (or 445? can't remember exactly) respectively - the FORMER is cheaper than the latter :shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
  6. here is another SIZEABLE difference:
    From what i can tell the Neige Cashmere hat (on Elux: $270) and the Flocon de Neige Cashmere hat (on $515) are both the same pieces! Both look the same and both are 100% cashmere, but the on the LV site is a whopping $245 MORE!!!!!!

    how CRAZY is that!!!
  7. Yeah, someone saw the same difference with the Vernis Roxbury Drive.

    Maybe if you don't say anything, you might get it from eLux $20 cheaper?
  8. The prices in euros are actually slightly lower than those at the shops! Example, the speedy damier 25 shows a price of 400euro, but it costs 415euro in Belgium and the Netherlands. Maybe french prices are (slightly) lower than in the rest of Europe?
  9. ^
    French prices ARE lower than the rest of europe. ;) Even compared to other euro-countries.
  10. I pre-purchased the grelots charm last week and did notice the $20 difference on my receipt versus the LV website, I will mention it to my SA today when I go pick it up.
  11. I had read on another tpf thread that prices were lower in both France and Germany than elsewhere, but my husband was at the LV in Dusseldorf just 3 weeks ago, and the price for the Fleurs keychain in US dollars (converted from euros) was quite a bit higher than the price in US dollars from both elux and (So, no gift for me :sad:.) The American dollar ain't what it used to be.

  12. arghhhh but youd think that if you went on the american portion of the website the prices would be converted correctly??? i mean ok fine maybe they are the euro conversions or whatever but why is it only 30 buck difference on one product but a $245 difference on the other one????

    WHATS GOING ON??????