Price Difference in UK

  1. I just checked out the LV UK site... I priced the Speedy 30 and it said 310 Euros when I did a price conversion I got $397.. Is this accurate? Is there really such a big price difference between UK and US?
  2. The English (UK) site is in English Pounds :smile:
  3. did you do the conversion in Euro's or Pounds ?
  4. I did it in Euros.. was that wrong?
  5. theres not much difference but I would do the conversion in English pounds (£) because the site is in English pounds so that would give you a better idea of the price difference.
  6. None of the conversion tools give me an option for English Pounds.
  7. heres one eBay Services : Currency Converter

    I hope that helps, you've just got to select the currencys :smile:
  8. Thanks!!!!!!!!
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