Price Difference in Copenhagen and Stockholm

  1. I'm getting ready to go on vacation and I love to buy myself presents when I travel. I have found that H pricing seems to change (sometimes drastically) city to city. The only two cities I'm hitting that have an H boutique are Copenhagen in Denmark and Stockholm Sweden. I would like to pick up a wallet and some other small things which I'm sure they would stock in both locations but I would hate to over pay in Copenhagen only to find the same item in Stockholm for less. Does anyone have experience in these two cities that could give me some insight.
  2. I believe Stockholm is slightly less expensive than Copenhagen. I was working in Stockholm for most of the last year. The SEK is definitely stronger than the Euro, and everyone always said the Danish Kroner is even stronger. If it's possible to route through Germany, Amsterdam, or somewhere in France, you can save a bit.
  3. Ooh good news for me then too!
  4. the danish currency DKR is higher than the swedish but I am not really sure which store is the cheapest I would say Stockholm actually, but some other thing is that the store in denmark is bigger and they have a lot more things in stock
  5. Thanks for you advise. I guess my plan will be to grab any "harder to find items" I like in Copenhagen and save things like a wallet purchase for Stockholm. Thank you
  6. does it depend on where she's coming from?
    is amsterdam less than in the US when you factor in the weak dollar? (i have my own reasons to be curious:graucho:)
  7. For the record, I'm from the US.
  8. they have a lot more leather goods in denmark :smile:
  9. So I should just grab up what I like in Denmark and not worry about the price difference?
  10. I would agree (though I haven't seen the Denmark boutiques). Stockholm only recently opened one in the NK department store, it's not bad for a store-in-store, but there's not a huge selection of scarves or bags. The price difference is probably not worth missing out on something you love in Denmark. But, they are also good about answering questions regarding inventory so it doesn't hurt to have their number handy to call. Have a good time, it is beautiful this time of year!
  11. I show an address of Regerinsgatan 55 11177 Stockholm for Hermes. Is that the store your referring to?
  12. Yes, I think that's the one. Interesting...the address of the department store Nordiska Kompaniet ( is officially Hamngatan 18-20 but I think the back side borders Regeringsgatan. The telephone number matches, anway. If you enter through the Hamngatan side, it's right by the escalators.
  13. Call both stores and also find out if you can get a sales tax refund etc.
  14. ^^^yes call both stores and ask for things u want I hope nice SAs answer to you because not all of them are that nice
    I don't think the price difference is worth missing somethign and anyway with the tax refound u will save a lot!!!!