Price difference between US and UK????

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  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering if any of you know if LV bags are less expensive in the UK because of the money exchange rate?? My husband has to go to London in June for work and I was thinking hey!!! maybe they'll be cheaper there? Does anyone know? Have any of you been and bought one there? Thanks for the info!!!!

    PS: I purchased the MC Pouchette last night for a cute little summer bag--can't wait to get it!!!!!
  2. i think LVs are just priced cheaper in the UK, based on the comparisons between Elux and the LV website (UK). have a look at both. Also, you may claim tax back when you leave the UK, VAT is 17.5% here, and you probably get back abt 15% after admin costs... pretty good deal. of course, france is still the cheapest!
  3. Wow!! I had no idea!!! Thanks that is great to know. I'm already planning......... (not good). Ha Ha.