Price difference between Hongkong and Thailand?

  1. Guys,

    I am going to Bangkok Thailand next month. Please let me know how much is the price difference of LV goods between Hongkong and Thailand. Most of my trips are in Hongkong and their prices are almost similar to that of U.S.

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. The normal price w/o tax refund in Thailand is still expensive than price in UK. I hope this help.
  3. From my own experience, I suggest you should buy LV in HK. The price in Thailand is somewhat expensive.
  4. Vat 7% in Thailand, I think LV in HK is cheaper.
  5. I have heard that prices in Thailand have been lowered due to strong Thai Baht. Normally it's more expensive in Thailand but with new prices in effect and 7% VAT tax refund, it might not be so bad. Anything particular you like to buy? Perhaps I can help to find out the prices. You can either PM me or post on this thread.
  6. LV prices in Thailand range from being 5-15% more expensive than US/UK from my experience. The higher the price of the goods the more likely it is to be more expensive. I find that many small leather goods (excluding certain style/line, i.e. koala, suhali line, accordeon, vernis, utah, MC etc.) are priced similarly to the US/UK.

    Being a Thai person I do not qualify for the 7% VAT refund and being a student in the UK I do not qualify for the 17.5% VAT refund. Therefore I just buy what I need wherever I am (UK or Thailand) as the price difference will be relatively minimal.
  7. Thanks dolphingirl! :smile: I'm thinking of buying a wallet and shoes in Bangkok this time. I buy my LV bags in Hong Kong since I am more familiar with the prices there. Please check for me how much are the ladies Monte Carlo Loafers and Monogram Vernis Porte-Tresor International (with 10 card slots) ? I'm beginning to like the Amarante color :smile:
  8. Is it true that LV in France is cheaper than LV in the USA? If so about how much so?
  9. It is really amazing to me how the prices change so much!