Price difference between City & City Silver?

  1. Hello~ I'm a total newbie to Balenciaga and need your help.
    I'm considering purchasing a black city (start with a classic you know? :p)
    However, on the Balenciaga website, the city is $1545 and the city silver is $1445.

    Not sure what the major difference is. Is it based on the hardware?

  2. The color's different, hardware's still brass. "City silver" is Argent Fonce, a LE metallic color. You'd think that a special color like Argent Fonce would be more expensive!
  3. City Silver is just a shiny lambskin color... yes i am also surprised that it's $100 less than the other City bags that aren't shiny. no diff in hardware, just a difference in the finish of the leather (shiny lambskin). City Silver reminds me of the Neiman Marcus black 10th anniversary City that also had a shiny finish.