Price DEcrease?!

  1. When I was looking at the large Bow Satchel at Christmas, it was 1100€. Today it is 990€. WTF? Did they accept their low quality and hence decrease the price or how can that be? Or it is just a mistake..?
    Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 00.31.47.png
  2. I THINK (correct me if im wrong), the website are displaying wrong prices for some of the bags. Last year, even before Xmas, tried to look for some bags on the MiuMiu website and then i called the boutique in Frankfurt (just because I'd rather have the boutique send the bag to me because the shipping fee from the boutique is just 8 Euros compared to 15 or 20 Euro by MiuMiu website).. The price stated on the website were HIGHER than the price at the boutique.

    So i assume the website are displaying wrong prices. The same thing happened to Prada website too last year i noticed, because I bought a bag from prada Berlin and the price differ from the website..

    If you check , the bag above is priced at 1100 Euro still :smile:

    -Sorry if im wrong. who knew if Miu Miu reallly did decrease the price of their bags! Which i doubt! -
  3. THE price on THE bow with THE clasp has also decreased, went down 150€
    Hope this is the right price, Will be buying one in 2 weeks!
  4. whats up with the "THE"s? lol ;)

  5. Sorry my iPhone does that!
  6. In US as well?
  7. I just checked online. The minibow is now $1195 and the reg is $1495.... I remember a few months ago the mini was around $1395.
  8. I usually have items I want, especially handbags written in a little book I keep and the mini is $1195 since 6 months ago... But if there's a price decrease I'm sure it would be great but doesn't that mean a decrease in quality too? If so then it shouldn't be such a good thing=/
  9. The mini bow was 1195 for a while I rmb :smile:
  10. well, what i have been getting from reading in this forum, the quality has gotten worse anyways. so it would only be fair to adapt the price and decrease it..
  11. Oh haha maybe. I probably mixed it up with a different bag I wanted.
    After reading some of the other threads, I'm still a little wary about miumiu bow quality.... Even if the price decreased by $200 or so, I don't know if I want to gamble with $1k.
  12. The regular bow is also 990 EURO at net-a-porter now, so i think it has really decreased and isn't a typo on the website ;)

    Good for us, as long as the quility is still good!
  13. I feel the same way but the bow is so adorable/unique and it seems like a very down to earth bag when you wear it out. Especially the colors available right now like the blue and pinks, it would be nice to wear them out in a maxi dress! However it seems like the bag requires maintenance=/ or isn't durable as it looks:sad:
  14. 990 EURO is how much USD? Is it cheaper than what's listed on their website? If so I might take a risk and purchase one! I dislike having to worry about babying my bags and what not but the bows are absolutely stunning!
  15. I also could not find the bow available at net a port right now:sad: