Price Decrease??????

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  1. I've just been looking at the UK Louis Vuitton website and many things seem to have decreased instead of increasing in price. this like the wapity (drop £5), VVN fortune key ring (drop £2). They are only little price drops, but still gotta be something know?

    I'll keep looking, although I don't know prices of many of the big bags, so don't know if they have increased or decreased.
  2. WOW would be awsome if they go down instead of up ;)
    well but it also depends very much on the currency conversion I think
    Here in sweden the damier Rift costs around 480 $ and in brazil it was around 780 $ CRAZY DIFERENCE
  3. Are you sure? So far, I've only heard that the epi speedy drops. The rest seem to go up. :shrugs: