price decrease effective in Europe too??

  1. hi all!!!
    I am lusting after a couple of LV pieces ( french purse, mini pochette, maybe some inclusions, maybe a speedy 30...) and if the much hyped price decrease is also effective in Europe then this is will be an excellent opportunity for me.
    so...... any good news for me??
  2. i think the prices are only decreasing on the batignolles and lockit.. i dunno about europe though!

    Edit: and the french purse too!
  3. How low can they go??!! :nuts::wlae:
  4. YES, price decreases for BH and French purse are both effective in Europe

    btw, the lockit went back up I htink......
  5. Kind of funny that prices will get lower for LV while Chanel is jacking up their prices!!!
  6. oh yay!
    The frech LV site lists the french purse in mono 350 euro and the vernis 445. Are these the "new" prices or will they get lower?
  7. those are the new prices
  8. thanks so much! :flowers:
  9. so the vernis frenchpurse is 445 euro? how much is that is usd? is it all over europe? does it include london?
  10. USD price did not go down on Vernis french purse.
  11. i've been checking the price of the lockit since we all found out the price of the batignolles decreased... the price of the lockit is still the same, has not gone down. i was hoping that it will, so i'll still keep an eye on it for awhile.