Price Checkkkk

  1. How much is the GST black caviar? need to know ASAP1:yes:
  2. I believe it's $2150. There are lots of thread on this subject and you can find more info there.
  3. Yeah, tons of threads about this. It's $2125 US. :smile:
  4. 2125 in USA, but you can get some $ back if you purchase from Sak's EGC event in mid Jan. EGC=rewards card from Saks, the more you buy, the more $ you get back in 'EGC' card (store credit, expires in 60 days, but some SA will take them expired), let me know if you need more info :smile:
  5. Just a side note that the whole of Saks is sold out of the black GST with gold hardware. They say that they will have a new shipment in March. I've only seen the Beige with G/H in-store. Goodluck!!!