Price Check on Chanel Sunglasses

  1. Hi :smile:

    I'm located in Australia, but will be travelling to the US soon! I am wanting to purchase these Chanel sunglasses Chanel - 4121B Sunglasses

    They retail for about $550AUD here, could someone please tell me if the US price of $348.70USD is accurate? Is that the price in Chanel stores in the US?

    Thanks for your help, it's most appreciated!!!
  2. I know they're around $300USD
  3. Thanks for your help :smile: so it may be a little cheaper to buy in the States!
    Is there usually sales tax on top of the price as well?
  4. yes, usually between 7% and 10% depending where you are.
    My sales tax is about 8.25% here.
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