Price check for bag

  1. Have you seen this at the outlets? I'd like to know what was their last selling price at the outlets. It retails for $328 and it's from the dusted suede line. I got one from eBay and am loving it but would love to know if I paid too much for it.


    Also if these go lower than the current price at the outlets ($299.99 plus 20% off), let me know. I will run to the outlets!

  2. ahh..I was just at the williamsburg outlet & they had both these bags, in different colors though. I didn't even look at the price. The flap they had in black, white, & other basic colors..not the gold (gorgeous). The second one they only had one left & it was in white w/ gold hardware. Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful. I would just call outlets close to you & ask if you know the names or style # of the bag.
  3. If you email coach the picture they will send u the item number and name of bad. I have done it twice this week!
  4. I was at the outlet in Lancaster, PA a couple of weeks ago and the pleated hobo was still at the price you listed. They had that flap purse in black sig w/metallic snake trim and I believe that was $140-180 w/20% off (it was pretty marked up though). I've never seen it in that color, which is stunning. I hope this helps (and that you got a great deal!).
  5. Thanks guys! You have all been helpful!!! I will call the outlet today and ask what was the last selling price of the first bag and just keep checking on the second one!

    Again, thanks!
  6. I saw both of them at Wreathem Outlut in MA.

    I didn't know the price of the gold one.

    But I think the siliver is $279 or $299, plus 20% off. They have the siliver one in Black too.

    BTW, I think the material is very easy to be wore out.

  7. Oh I saw them last Saturday.
  8. Thanks for the info! Still the same price as the last time I saw them. If they're still around by labor day weekend, maybe there will be a 40% off on them. If there is, I'll get it then.