Price Check, Aisle 3! How much is the Mono Alma? None on Elux right now.

  1. My SECOND Koala wallet is falling apart after two weeks of gentle usage. Thinking of abandoning the whole wallet IDEA and using the credit towards something new.
  2. ??? i dont understand after 2 weeks!!!!!!!! good luck with the return im sure you will find somehtign nice to replac eit!
  3. ^^^ oh oh oh look@ my post above lucky number 777!!!!! luck is on your side!
  4. Me either. Nothin else I've ever had from LV has been so shoddy. And it's certainly not the way I use it. *sigh*
  5. I believe the mono canvas alma is $880
  6. Thank you!
  7. Its falling apart?? Is the stitching coming out? What is it doing?
  8. The stitching is coming out. The first one's binding peeled off!
  9. Did you get it from the store or elux? Will they take it back?