Price change and pix of scamosciato (suede bags)

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  1. The gaufre BN 1336 went back up to its original price today, so up to 2055 from 1495. Hope some were able to take advantage of the almost 600 dollar price drop.

    When I saw the suede bags in the department stores, I was hooked. Have been waiting for them to come into the boutiques. I Know I know, not the most easiest to maintain, but I switch my bags often.

    I think I'm getting the BR 4347

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  2. More pix

    Only the BR 4342 comes in grafite and Mogano, rest all just come in the Mogano color.

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  3. Longchamp - thanks for posting (I think)!!!! I have just emailed Joanna about the BR4347. I love that bag!!!! You don't happen to know the size do you? I think I will get this bag. I still need a burgundy hobo and then one of the pietra bags (yet to be determined) and then I have to be on a serious bag ban - until next spring. My closet is so full of bags that I need to figure out some cataloging system so that I can tell what is in each dustcover without pulling it down and looking.

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  4. Bagladee!!! This is the bag I was telling you about! All- this is freaking AWESOME in person....I purchased it in Grafite at the boutique in Vegas...and I was in love, love, love! I know this is going to be a great purchase. The brown is beautiful as well! I am still torn on if I am going to get this exact style in another color as well because I really love it!

    Longchamp...this is a must!
  5. ^^^ Good to know, have been waiting for the suede to come in. But you're holding out on us babe--where are the pix???
  6. Yes - Need to see those pics. Maybe I will need it in graphite too.:nono::nono:

  7. hey ryry!! Are you back yet??? I stopped by to see Norma today!

    You bad girl, you got it in graphite?! Awesome!!!!!!!!! I must see the pics of your newest acquisition. It's very fall appropriate besides our 115 degree weather. ;)
  8. Yes....came back this afternoon...and I heard what you go missy. I will post pics on Monday because the bag is being mailed to me!
  9. Ordered the BR4347 in Mogano from Joanna tonight. I should have Monday or Tuesday I think.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


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  10. I adore suede for fall, but I think I would be too worried about keeping it nice it to enjoy carrying it.

    That said, I really LOVE this red tote, and at $995 it's more reasonable than many of the fall styles:
  11. What beautiful brown colors!!!!
  12. That red tote is gorgeous!!
  13. ^ ITA! I love the red!!! :nuts:

    jcoop - you're very lucky to get the gauffre last week. looks like the price went back up. i'm so happy for you!!! :yahoo:
  14. Hey ryry, do you have pics to post? I am dying to see that graphite. My mogano is on the fed ex truck and I am impatiently waiting. He usually comes around 10:00 so not sure what the deal is......

    I will post pics as soon as she is out of her box!
  15. I just got it!! I am IN LOVE....but I am leaving for Salt Lake City tonight for work until I will do my best, but I am on a time crunch! You are going to love it!! It is casual, but bag has more gold hardware than mine...which is going to be so nice on this bag.