Price/Availability of Birkin 30 togo ebene GH

  1. Has anybody got a rough idea about the price of a Birkin 30 togo ebene GH?
    Is it possible to order it?
    How long would the wait be?
    Many thanks in advance.
  2. I am guessing about 7300, and yes it is possible to order this combo/size.
  3. Thanks lulilu!
  4. currently in the USA, it's $7000 plus tax and I think the combo is findable
  5. Lovely color by the way, works with everything!
  6. I have a 35cm Ebene Evergrain, which is similiar with natural grain and occasional veining (mine has it) and it is the perfect match for my entire wardrobe!

    You see Ebene occasionally put out in the shoppes, I think it's a very popular and beautiful neutral. I know there's speak that it will be phased out, but in the meantime I've still seen it around, so it's not gone yet. Good luck!
  7. ^^What? There are rumours of ebene being phased out?? NO!!! I love this colour.
  8. ^^ Woah... that would be awful.... maybe I should take the H plunge sooner....
  9. I'm afraid
  10. I'm afraid the rumours seem to be true.

    Last week I've been in my local Hermès store (in France) to discuss my order for a Kelly in clemence in ebene. The SA said, that ebene is not available anymore (no matter what leather) and it's beeing replaced by café. He says, there is no difference in color though, just in name.
    Trouble is, that I have seen café in this forum, not looking anything like ebene!

    If you click onto Hermès Reference Library> Hermès Colors>Brown Color Family...Pics Only!>Page 4, you'll see a Kelly in Clemence Café (Post #57), followed by a Birkin in Clemence Café (Post #58).

    Even bad lighting can't explain the total difference in color!

    Quite difficult to say what is going on exactly....

    If anyone sees a Kelly in togo or clemence, in ebene, please let me know!
    As far as the Birkin goes, one can probably forget about it..
  11. ^^Ebene replaced by Cafe? Oh dear. Hope that SA is mistaken. MaiTai, you are right, Ebene and Cafe are very different. Cafe is a lot more like Chocolate, and in fact if you said it was replacing "Chocolate", then that would seem ok. But ebene is such a dark, dark brown, almost black under some lighting.

    Ok, I'll start a thread in the general Hermes forum and see if more ppl know what the story is. We'll get to the bottom of this, MT!!! Ebene lovers unite! Lol!
  12. Serenity; thanks for your support. I will check your new thread...
    I pray that my SA is wrong, my heart is totally set on Ebene...
  13. To all ebene lovers: get your hankies out to wipe your tears:
    Ebene will not be available for the next season : (

    Having heard contradicting opinions from quite a few Hermès shops in France and Germany, I took heart and phoned Hèrmes in Paris, and talked to the 'Rayon cuir' department in the ‘Magasin Faubourg 24’.

    It took me most of the day to get finally through and (even trickier!) to get an answer!
    Anyway here is the official statement:
    "La couleur ébène n’est pas prévu pour l'année prochaine."
    Which means, they are not going to make anything in ebene the next year.

    Has anybody an idea for how long they put a color on the shelve?