Price and more info on Biarritz

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  1. I've alwaycs liked the Biarritz shopping bag. After having bought the classic flap, I'm leaning more towards the Biarritz. It's just that there aren't a lot of posts regarding this bag. How much is it in EUR, USD and HKD. We don't have a Chanel store here and the closest is Hong Kong so I'm deciding based on pictures. Does it come in other colors?


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  2. I am not sure on the exact price, and/or if it went up w/ the increase, but I think it is around 1600 USD, and the smaller one (without outside side pockets) is around 1400 USD i think......... Hopefully someone can chime in w/ more accurate prices, but I HTH!
  3. I just know there are some yummy colors available for summer 2010. This info was mentioned in Winterose's thread. Not sure about price.
    But I already ask my SA to put me in waitlist for a purple/red large size with side pockets.
    I'm dying for a purple maxi. Since none in sight, a purple biarritz will make me happy for now...