price alert for e/w lambskin

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  1. i called my sa to ask about price increases and she said she won't know until the products come in with their new price tag or their new price sheets. but she said the new lambskin e/w flap came in with a price tag for $1950 and the original price for it is $1550. that's a $400 increase!!!!! she said on the computer system, the price is still $1550, but she's holding a tag that says $1950 so it's just a matter of time before that gets updated as well. just wanted to alert all you e/w enthusiasts out there. i'm not sure about the other e/w leathers, i just know about the lambskin. :sad:
  2. What a bummer!
  3. Eeeeeeks! Now that's 400 BUCKS increase! Leeeechers!!! :roflmfao:
  4. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

  5. :sad:
  6. maybe people can still buy the "old" lambskin in store with the $1550 price tag. super sucks! not even going to imagine what the possible updated prices for other bags might be......
  7. OMG...another $400.....
  8. I thought the e/w is already $1995? Are we talking about this bag?
    (Picture from Ashakes)

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  9. ^ sorry, i don't know if it's that bag. it was a phone discription. she said new, black lambskin e/w with gold hardware will be $1950. so unless she still had old stock items for $1550, my understanding is the price tag is going to go up $400. definitely call your sa's to get more info, this is just what i got from mine.
  10. ^^^yeah I was just about to post that. That's the glazed lambskin, but I paid $1995 for it just a few weeks ago. It has the new chain though, not the classic one.

    I'm a bit confused, but is there supposed to be a difference in price with the glazed and regular lambskin?

    Also, an SA sent me a photo of a red east west that must have been returned or something and it was $1950.

    Here is the photo that the SA sent to me:

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  11. I saw an e/w flap at NM two days ago, I think it was priced around $1950 too.
  12. ashakes and meeowy

    i just spoke to my sa again (hahaha...goodness, how many times did i talk to her from just today!!) so i asked about the lambskin AGAIN and she said the regular (not glazed) e/w lambskin is going to be $1950 so it sounds like maybe some systems still have it for the lower price because it's old stock, kwim? i don't think a lot of things are available or something! jeez!! i called her about getting a gst and she said the bloomie's in new york had 8 and i swear she called me a minute later and said they were all sold out. :Push:

    i think people are whipped into a frenzy...and now that i think about it, i'm probably doing some of this whipping too with this thread! price increases suck. :blah:
  13. Thanks for the info, I will call my SA to try to get an e/w with the old price!
  14. What? $400 increase?? Almost $2000... I just don't think that's worth it for an e/w. Maybe I am jaded, but I remember when Caviar Jumbos were $1650! Thank goodness an e/w is not practical for my needs, or else I'd be really sad right now. (But that probably means a whole bunch of other stuff I want are increasing in price as well) :crybaby:
  15. when ibought my e/w in toronto last year, it was already at 1750 in caviar.