Price Adjustments

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  1. Has anyone ever had a problem getting one? what did you do/say to get the SA/manager to agree to it? TIA!
  2. I recently received a price adjustment at my outlet. All I did was call the outlet and told them that I bought a bag about 3 days before the coupon came out. Then asked if they would give me the adjustment. They said, technically the coupon says it's not good on pervious purchases, but if the item was purchased within 14 days, they will do the adjustment if you bring the bag and the receipt in.

    Moral of the story, just come out and ask for what you want :smile:
  3. That's true! I calles first and thy told me no, however, after getting some advise here I went my my bags and receipt and she did the adjustment for me.
  4. woo hoo! I called ( I can't believe I actually called) and my outlet has a 20% off coupon and they will do a PA!!! YAAAYY!!!
  5. I also have some things to return (that I bought in 2007!). I have the receipts and tags but the tags are not attached, and that is the way I bought them. the items are unused. I hope I don't have any problems as I've done this before and it's always been ok. Ok, now I'm just talking to myself!
  6. Wow, from 2007???? I'd expect to have a bit of an issue with that since the tags aren't on it anymore...
  7. ^^ I know, let us know what happens with that, please, I'm curious.
  8. They let me return all 3 things from 2007. I had all the tags and the receipts and the items had never been used. The tags weren't attached but a lot of the bags/misc I buy at the outlets usually don't have the tags attached to begin with (unless they were FP deletes). So ladies, go return your old dusty items and get that money back! The SA's and I were laughing cause that money I got back is going right back to Coach anyway!
  9. Well, what were the items?!?!?!!? And where did you return them to? LOL!
  10. I returned a little demi purse and matching wallet I'd never used about six months ago (that I'd bought in Fall '07)...unused w/ receipt and tags attached. They didn't say anything, and I figured it probably got sold, but on my last visit last week, I saw it hanging there on a display with a bunch of swingpacks (sticking out like a sore thumb and looking out-of-place) and I felt bad that they hadn't sold it yet......It must have been sitting in the backroom until someone decided to clean up the stockroom and set it out.

    That's the longest I've waited to return something though. I actually forgot I'd bought it and found it in the recesses of my closet while I was looking for something else, so I figured "what the heck", I'll see if they'll let me return it and they did. That's not the norm for me though. If I'm going to return something I haven't used, I try to return it within 3 mos. or so.....otherwise, I just keep it and usually gift it to someone else!
  11. ^ I pretty much forgot I had these too. I don't feel bad about it because it's their return policy I was following and someone may actually buy them and give them the love I never could!

    I returned a cute black wristlet, an even cuter little siggy purse and a little keychain. The most expensive was the purse at $100, so even if they can't sell these again, they're not out big bucks here.
  12. I'm going to talk to myself again- Why is it, that I see a bag at the outlet like a million times and don't even think twice about it, and then once I'm home and won't be back to the outlet for a long time do I suddenly decide I HAVE to have the bag I ignored?!?! They had a ton of black patent spotlight poppy bags and I never thought twice about it until I was already home. Now I can't stop thinking about having one, and the ones on evil bay are way too $$$$. GAH!!! Why can't I ever just be satisfied!?
  13. ...aaaaaand I just found one online for a great price and bought it! omg! I've never spent this much online for something before!!! I'm kind of freaking out but really excited too!!! (only I didn't get it in black, I got it in Blueberry so it will match my starlet!)
  14. I can totally relate to that dilema! I've also done that to myself a million times.
  15. ^^^ lol, thanks codegirl! It's always nice to know that I'm not the only one!