Price adjustments?

  1. Ok...i dont want to sound cheap right now, because im far from it...BUT...last night I saw my new Prada wedges on sale online at Saks for about 150+ less than what I paid for them at Neimans last week. I know that Neimans is having their second cut sale starting on Friday. Question is....can I return my shoes & re-buy them at second cut price??? I have never done this before & someone suggested it to me. It sounds good once they told me to add the extra saved money towards another pair of CL's :nuts:
    What do you think? Should I not waste my time? or Go do it?:confused1:(If it can be done:push:smile:
  2. I believe they will do price adjustments within a certain time frame. However, Im not sure what that time period is.
  3. I thought they didn't do price adjustments on sale items?
  4. Oh, Im not sure about sale items.
  5. From NM.COM:

    Price adjustments
    Prices are subject to change. Excluding LAST CALL ONLINE CLEARANCE merchandise, we offer a one-time (single order) refund or adjustment for items purchased within 10 days of a price adjustment. This includes permanent Sale items and excludes temporary special promotion items and LAST CALL ONLINE CLEARANCE items. For questions and adjustments call 1-888-888-4757.
    We work hard to ensure the accuracy of pricing on, but despite our best efforts, pricing errors may occur.
    • If an item's correct price is lower than our stated price, we will charge you the lower amount when your order is shipped.
    • If an item's correct price is higher than our stated price, we will, at our discretion, contact you for instructions before shipping. If we are unable to contact you after 15 days we will cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation.
  6. My rec. if you haven't worn the shoes would be to return and just re-buy from Saks if possible.
  7. I have not worn them yet. I bought them last wed. June 6th. at Neimans. Their sale starts this Friday. So I doubt i will be able to do it. I was just curious
  8. Did you buy it on first cut? You only have 10 days (reading the other post above on their policy) to return? I'm thinking if it's still valid for you to return, go ahead and return and ourchase the one that's cheaper... $150 is quite a lot, you are not being cheap, just sensible. If it was $20 or something then maybe not worth the hassle but over $100 is a bit of money...
  9. I might try tomorow if I have time.