price adjustments

  1. Can this work
    Macy's has the 20% off sale right now. What if you find something better at Nordstroms. Can you do a price adjustment and if so how would it work.

    Heres hoping the Spiaggia gets here before May 6.
  2. No way will my Macy's get it by May 6. I figure I'll have a another 20% off chance in a month or so when they do have it. I'm going after the Pirata (Zucca???), Adios (Gioco???) and Amore (Porta???) I still want this time around.
  3. does anyone know if any macy's carry adios star mamma mias? I want to do a price adjustment for mine :sad:

    and either you can have them call or you can bring your receipt to a Nordstrom. It must be the same style/print tho or they can't do it.