Price Adjustments Over The Phone?

  1. Hi Ladies ~

    Has anyone ever tried to do a PA over the phone? I ordered a bag from Barney's on Monday and now all their bags have been marked down again! I called this morning and the SA that answered the phone was super rude and said I would have to come to the store and when I said I didn't live near one he was like, well I don't know what to tell you - call back later and ask someone else.

    I was a little dumbfounded....but anyway, I just wanted to be armed with some suggestions for when I call back - and ask for a MANAGER.

    Just wanted to see if anyone out there had an experience with this...

  2. absolutely if the bag is STILL IN STOCK they should give you credit for the price difference asap! especially if you are within the 'return' policy time....after all what is to stop you from sending this one back and ordering another today...they would normally just give you credit
    just last week i ordered waterford champagne toasting flutes and the next morning they were 50 dollars cheaper on line...i called and they gave me 50 dollar credit!
    give it a try again and explain that you will send this one back if can't get new price
    good luck!
  3. I called for a price adjustment by phone with Nordstrom, and they had me come in so they could scan the bar code on my bag... said they couldn't do it by phone.
  4. If you don't live nearby, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do it over the phone. Just make sure you ask to speak to a manager....if that does not work, as for the store manager and go up from there.
  5. If it is an online order I always call and do the price adjustment via the phone. Email is too uncertain so I call and just ask. I can't believe you were treated so badly by the person at Barneys online CS! You should definitely call back, be firm, and ask to be transfered to a manager if you aren't satisfied with how you were treated. Good luck!!
  6. Thanks for the advice ladies!! You guys seriously are the best!

    I have to wait until the bag arrives to call (so I have the sku etc) But I will keep everyone updated :yes:
  7. lol ALL my price adjustments have been over the phone, which are numerous...sorry for the rudeness....salespeople nowadays are nuts!
  8. Good Luck!!!
  9. haven't tried before but there should be consistency on whether they allow it or not!! i hope you find someone who will!
  10. Def talk to a manager if you are having trouble, it really isnt hard to give a price adjustment, i should know i use to work handbags at a high end retailer. It's just a matter of whether they WANT to help you or not, sadly...
    dont worry though i am confidant you will get your price adjustment!
    :heart: good luck
  11. I left a voicemail for the manager today - shocking - he hasn't called me back!! I wonder if there is a main customer service line I can call...
  12. Hey few823,
    here are some other outlets that i found in case it doesnt work out,

    For all questions relating to the website, including online purchases, please either:

    Email us at:

    Call us at:
    Customer service representatives are available:
    Monday - Saturday, 9.00am - 12.00am
    Sunday 10.00am - 11.00pm, EST

    Write to us at:
    Barneys New York
    Attn. Website Customer Service
    1201 Valley Brook Avenue
    Lyndhurst NJ 07071

    they are sneaky about hiding this info on the site lol
    ushually its right there for you too, hmmmm...
    good luck dear!
  13. Definitely do not stop with the manager....go to the STORE manager if you do not get results....after that, corporate manager.