Price Adjustments on Prior Purchases

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  1. It sounds like them may be doing away with this soon....I was told as long as the bag is in the store but I heard someone being told that in the future no price adjustments will be made for prior purchases.

    Anyone confirm this or is it a store by store policy?
  2. I only asked one of the two outlets near me and they said no price adjustments anymore NOW :sad:
  3. Hi,
    I think it depends. I have had a ASM at my outlet do a price adjustment on a wallet I bought a week before. I just called and talked to the Manager and she said No PA's on prior purchases. Now, if the bag or wallet you bought is still in the store, then you can come in and do a return and then rebuy it with coupon!!!
    I can see if you bought something a month ago, but I think they should honor PA's if you just bought an item three days ago.

    I think each outlet will vary until Coach puts something in writing!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. yeah- it depends one outlet near me does it "as a one time thing" the other one will only do it if the item is on the sales floor.
  5. I purchased a sequins audrey at my outlet (Wrentham, MA) on Saturday for 30% off. I found out there was a coupon on Sunday, so I went back and they had me return and re-purchase w/ coupon. The only condition was that there had to be another sequins audrey in the store, which there was. I don't know why someone hadn't purchased her, but I'm glad because it worked out well for me!!
  6. I think it is crazy! One outlet says one thing another does the opposite....Coach needs to put the PA in writing.I think a PA within 2 weeks would be good, most places I shop will give it to you within 2 weeks like Macys, Target, Gap, American Eagle and so on. Get with the program or your outlet will be EMPTY the weekends without the coupon!

  7. I totally agree, Coach needs to make a policy and stick to it when it comes to PA's. I really think when those coupons came out Sunday, they came with very strict instructions to not do PAs because there definitely seemed to be an attitude change about it.

    Basically, the outlet coupons are like a sale, extra 20% off the whole store for everyone, no exclusions. That's not a coupon, it's a sale. Coupons would be only received by some people or you had to have it to get the discount. When I think coupon(clothing accessory dept store type) , I think the Macy's star rewards coupons for their credit cardholders or American Eagle coupons that come in the mail or Bed Bath and Beyond 20% need the actual card/flyer to get the discount.
    Sorry, I'm done...haha just a bit frustrated
  8. i think it makes perfect sense to say no more price adjustment

    i would not call, allowing you to buy the bag on the floor and returning the one you currently have unused, as a price adjustment..even though some sees it as such and it could be interpreted as only works if the bag is on the floor and that is not a price adjustment, but, with the return any time policy coach has it only makes sense to allow someone to return it and rebuy it with the coupon if the bag is still on the floor as well--if not some companies make it a policy ( saks comes into mind first) to keep the merchandise off the floor for x amount of time so the person that just returned it can't pluck that and buy it with the coupon.

    however, if there is a duplicate of that bag on the floor..
  9. I know that the coupon I received in the mail for the outlets that starts tomorrow specifically says on it "no price adjustments for previous purchases"
  10. The policy is in writing. It's printed on the coupons.
    If Coach SAs make an exception and allow/process a price adjustment, that should be considered a "one time only" customer service courtesy, IMHO.

  11. I totally agree~!!
  12. I think if it were the same policy in all the stores it would be fine...just to make it clear, and fair.

    But even stores like Macy's, Gymboree, do PA's when sales and coupons are given with reasonable conditions. I had to exchange a 6 for a 7 size dress at Gymboree and because they had a sale on, the register did an auto PA without even my asking.

    I think Coach is still "deciding", since they honored most PA's despite what the coupon says.

    I'm curious, how many people tend to spend more just because they just saved $$$!
  13. ^But even outlets in the same district have different rules per store to store. Some don't allow PA's, some do, some do only if the item is on the shelf or in stock at the time. Some don't allow return n rebuy, some do, some require the bag to be "off the floor" for 24 hrs before they put it back out for repurchase (Hagerstown is famous for this, keep telling me it's policy when no other stores in the district do this).
  14. sometimes only one store only follows the actual rule
  15. I'm planning to buy possibly one or two bags this weekend, so the outlet doesn't allow price adjustments then?