Price adjustments at Neiman Marcus

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  1. Neiman Marcus is having extra 25 percent off sale merchandise rt now. Has anyone been able to get a price adjustment for merchandise purchased a few days ago?
  2. it says: No adjustment for prior sales
  3. They never do adjustments.
  4. It depends on the CS person you get on the phone. I've had some tell me they can't adjust the price. But others will gladly adjust the price as long as the item was purchased within 14 days. It's worth calling them up and giving it a shot. The worst they can do is say no. :P
  5. ok, thanks so much! i will try. :smile:
  6. I have gotten price adjustments on several occasions as long as it was within ten days of the original purchase. I would give it a try!
  7. I got a price adjustment on two orders this morning. One was placed last night and another was shipped to me on the 17th, so I barely made the 10 day mark.
  8. did you do it on the phone or online chat? i've had no luck with online chat. :sad:
  9. When there is an additional % off, I've never been able to price adjustment. However if the item (regular price) goes sale, I've been able to to a price adjustment
  10. I actually tried both. I called in and they said they'll only do a price adjustment on the order that hasn't shipped and wouldn't explain why they couldn't on the other order. Then I contacted them through online chat and the CSR said he'll be able to do a price adjustment and that I barely made the 10 day mark.

    The last time they had an extra 25% or 30% off last call, I was able to get price adjustments on about 6 or 7 orders ranging from a few days old to about a month old. So it really depends on who you get on the other end of the line. Definitely worth a shot though.

    All of these orders were from Last Call.
  11. The additional 25% off was specifically for online clearance items, at least the one I saw earlier this week. I'm waiting for the sale items to be reduced, any ideas when there will be any more offers?
  12. FYI I've made an order last week (3 sale items) that shipped today and later on today I got an email with an offer for extra 25% off of everything I bought, so I've got on online chat and requested a price adjustment, which they happily have done as it was in the 10 day time frame, as is the policy with price adjustments. :biggrin:
  13. There is an additional markdown that starts on the 20th... but they are pre-selling

    now.. BG has taken their 2nd markdown today in various departments...

    its very confusing all these different %'s off..