Price adjustment??

  1. I apologize if this has already been addressed but was wondering if I purchase a Chanel bag on sale now and it gets a further markdown after Xmas, will the SA grant me a price adjustment or am I just S.O.L.???
  2. I don't have experience with this, but I am fairly sure you're SOL.
  3. lol...that's what I thought!!!!
  4. Maybe not much do you buy from your SA?- my girlfriend last year asked me if I would mind purchasing the bag she was returning on the 26th and she would give me a check with the exact amount for when the bill came., I told her that I did not have a problem with that if she needed me to do it for her. Off we went to a store that will remain girlfriend buys from only one SA at that store so she knows her quite well. She returned the bag, I bought it right back for the additional discount and she gave the check to me......To tell you the truth, I almost wanted to keep her awesome purchase ROFL......but handed it right over......BOO-HOOO., so you might be able to do it this way if you find someone to buy it for you.....No guarantees though, because I think the particular item has to be part of the extra price reductions, etc., etc., etc.:heart:H
  5. Depends on the store. I think most of them will do a price adjustment if the prices changes within 10 or 14 days.
  6. have u tried it before?
  7. i know that if you buy from Saks the day before the second cut and they wouldn't do price adjustment for you later on...
    but this really depends tho... if you know any particular SA at the store very well, the SA mite wanna help you out...
  8. I called NM yesterday regarding this issue. Customer person didn't know so put me through to Chanel sales, and I was told that there is no price adjustment for any previous purchases. I got my 3 sale chanel bags like 5 days ago...I feel so sad now:crybaby: , if they are not gonna do this.
  9. Maybe speak to the manager? Or, perhaps you could return them and buy them right back? Sounds like a lot of money is involved if you purchased 3 bags that are now on sale.

  10. Don't be sad...I think that Neiman's has a very clear policy stated on their website about price adjustment...10 days. Just quote that policy when you talk to your SA. I hope they honor it for you.
  11. hey, alouette, do you remember if they have wallets on sale at NM scottsdale? let me know... TIA. :tup:
  12. Sorry, I didn't ask nor did I attempt to look. I headed straight for the bags...:shame:
  13. did u get ur 8 knot bag, aloutte?
  14. yeah...I paid like $4200+ for those 3 bags(before tax)...I will try to contact other stores, see if I can get some good news from them. Also thank you aptmtb, I will ask about this bit as well!! I will keep you updated:yes:.
  15. Here is the actual policy stated at : "
    Prices are subject to change. Excluding LAST CALL ONLINE CLEARANCE merchandise, we offer a one-time (single order) refund or adjustment for items purchased within 10 days of a price adjustment. This includes permanent Sale items and excludes temporary special promotion items and LAST CALL ONLINE CLEARANCE items. For questions and adjustments call 1-888-888-4757."

    I would think that the only challenge you may have is that the b&m neiman stores always claim that they have different inventory and such, but at the end of the day, you just have to remind them that it's the same company!

    this is the most explicit policy I've seen. Saks does not have it posted and Nordstrom is more generic.

    What were the 3 bags? did you buy it from one SA? I have found that I am most successful in getting a price adjustment when I have a relationship with the SA and I don't ask them to do anything they would get in trouble for...