Price Adjustment question

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  1. Hi all!

    There is a bag from 2011 at Jax and Full Price. It was sent to the outlet, but there are no more at the outlets. If buy it from JAX, can i do a PA at an outlet within 14 days?

  2. I was able to do it one time about a year and a half ago but they told me it was a one time thing. They are becoming stricter so I would have to say no but check with the store you plan to go to. Ultimately, the decision is up to them.
  3. I have tried to do this twice. Once in Atlantic City , and once in Pittsburgh. Both times I was told if they had the item in their stores inventory at that time, they could do the Price adjust, but since it's not in stock, they can't do it....hope this helps.
  4. Some outlets will do it. others won't. Mine did it once for me a long time ago, then wouldn't do it again. But my outlet won't do price adjustments for FOS either.
  5. It's not being purchased from the outlet, so you should not expect the outlet price. Have your outlet find it in their system and purchase from them, if it's not available you can decide if you want it enough to pay PCE price.
  6. It's worth a shot.. I did this once and like others said the outlet told me it would be a one time thing, but I made sure to speak with a manager and made sure they would be there when I went in. The other outlet near me said only if they had the bag in stock. They used to do pas from fos- about a year ago- but have since stopped doing that as well. I just told them I ordered a bag from fp and then saw it was at outlets, would they do a pa.
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    Thanks all! One of the stores near me said they would do the price adjustment. Jax has two more of these bags. You have to ask for the online factory inventory, it does not show up in the other inventory. It's full price. $1000

    Here is the bag

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  8. It's coming! I got the notice today. Now to get the price adjustment. :smile:
  9. Beautiful bag!!!! That would be worth PCE but even better with PA from the outlet!!!!
    Congrats to you!!!!
    This Caroline is Gorgeous!!!! (The revamped Carolines aren't as nice as the old style ones! IMO)
    Lucky you!!! Enjoy!!!

    (I bought the Metallic Madeline with PCE from FP Coach. The next week, I heard that a fellow TPFer found one at her outlet on the West Coast. I asked the manager at my outlet if I could get a PA and she told me No since it was from FP Coach. ) :sad:

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. I know, I 'm so lucky! I talked to two different managers at my local outlet, both of which said the would do the price adjustment. So excited.

    The first year Carolines are so beautiful! I so love them. I have two and wish I had more.
  11. You are lucky! I bought lime duffle with PCE and they wouldn't give me a price adjustment at the factory store unless they actually had the same bag, same color in stock, even though it was in stock at other outlets. I ended up returning it anyway.
  12. I know, I'm Lucky! The store manager knew exactly what bag I was talking about when she saw it and said she would make the exception. ;)
  13. Congrats that's a beauty I love the older Carolines. I so wish I had not missed Auberguine caroline.
  14. I got the price adjustment today. I got 50% plus 10%, so she went down to $450. I returned the brown Croc Sadie for her. Not really a brown bag fan, but I love this one. I'll do a reveal later tonight.