Price Adjustment Question

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  1. So I read on the other thread that crisscross acorn and aubergine patent are outlet bound. I plan to purchase the crisscross acorn maggie and aubergine Lindsey online with my PCE and then go in to my outlet (either Napa or Vacaville CA) for a price adjustment. I understand I have 14 days to do this. I live in CA, so it will take UPS a good week or more to deliver these (assuming FP also uses UPS). What I want to know is, for the 14 days, is it 14 days since I placed the order, or 14 days after I receive the items?
  2. Not all stores will do the PA
  3. They need to because I’m just going to return the items if they don’t. But I’ll have to call them an ask.
  4. If you call they will say no. Bring the items in when you receive them and tell them you want a PA. If they say no, then just return the item(s). Also, it is 14 days from the order date. Hope it works out for you!
  5. Thank you! :smile:
  6. I got the PA but have been kicked off the FOS email list.
  7. Vacaville will not do PA if the item is not in their store. Napa didn't want to do a PA for me even though they had the items in stock, but made a "one time exception" and did it for me. Not all stores will give a PA. I'd love to hear if you're able to get one. Good luck!
  8. Really? Wow. They shouldn’t treat you like you did something wrong. Most stores will give you the sale price if an items goes on sale within a certain amount of time. My mom returned something to the outlet and got booted off the list for a while. She’s back on now though.
  9. They’ve always been very nice in Napa so we’ll see. If they don’t let me, I will return the items on principle. I was willing to pay PCE price for these bags and honestly didn’t think they’d be going so soon, but then I heard they were going, and I am no longer willing to pay PCE price.
  10. I hope they will do it for you, and please let us know how it goes. They are very nice and helpful there, so I was surprised that it was so difficult to get a PA on a bag that they even had in stock.
  11. I will let you guys know :smile: Thanks!
  12. UPDATE: I called Vacaville and Napa yesterday. Vacaville did indeed say they will do it within 14 days IF they have the bag in stock. Yay for consistent answers! Napa said they don’t do it as a rule, but they will do it for me if I come in within 14 days. They were very nice about it.