price adjustment possible?

  1. if you purchase a chanel bag at the chanel boutique and it subsequently goes on sale, can you get a price adjustment? if so, what's the time frame? my friend bought a pocket in the city about 3 weeks ago, so i'm wondering if she can get an adjustment if it goes on sale at the boutiques (which i'm not sure of).

  2. hmm well chanel takes returns within 14 really depends on the store or the store manager....some are nice and will do it...but others won't. you'll really have to go in and ask them. good luck~
  3. Neimans or Saks I'd say you'd have better luck..
    Chanel boutiques are a stickler to there policies. In myu experience they usually dont budge on their rules alot...but I guess it all depends on who you are...KWIM
  4. It's certainly worth asking about and if you have a good SA I'm sure they'll take care of you/your friend. Good luck!
  5. I was told 2 weeks for price adjustments. This was at the Bellagio boutique in Las Vegas. I bought the PNY wallet and a month later it went on sale.

    State laws also govern price adjustments. In MA, if an item goes on sale w/in 30 days the store must honor a price adjustment. It may be a good idea to find out if the state you purchased the bag in has such a law in place.