Prezzie for My Baby Girl!!

  1. Look what I won on eBay today for my darling daughter!!!!

    She had been browsing eBay the last couple of weeks and she showed me this bag three times. She told me that the next time I bought her a bag she wanted that one (she LOVES Coach pouches....and because she's so small she can wear them on her arm no big deal haha)....

    Anyway...she's been busting her tail at school, busting her tail getting ready for her next competition and she took a decent fall the other day and her poor little hip is still a little black and blue. So I decided she deserved a little something new and flashy to carry when she competes at the end of the month!!!

    I can't wait for it to get here....she's going to be so surprised! :yahoo:
  2. What a cute purse... she will love it!!!
  3. Aw so cute! Sounds like she really deserves it. :yes:
  4. voodoo, that is so great that you were able to get that for your daughter.. i love that patchwork on that bag... it is TDF! :love: its funny cuz i was just looking at the new patchwork that is coming out (in another thread) and the new patchwork (in gold) is VERY similar to this... makes me actually like the patchwork bags because i love how this patchwork is arranged... great deal also!!
  5. That is so cute! I hope she loves it, and that she does well at her competition! What a great mom you are. :smile:
  6. Voodoo: that is ADORABLE!!!!! Your daughter is one lucky girl!!!! I bought my daughter the matching khaki/berry Carly top handle pouch to my medium Carly and I cant wait to see the look on her face when she opens it up on her bday which is on St Patrick's Day!!!! It's nice to share our obsession w/ our girls!!!!! CONGRATS on your beautiful gift!!!
  7. aww how cute! :tup:
  8. That is a sweet present for your daughter.
  9. Too cute!!!! You rock!!!!
  10. Its so adorable!! She deserves it because she is working so hard..
  11. that is so awesome! You are such a wonderful mom!!!
  12. Adorable!!!!!
  13. How cute! The pouches are great for young girls since they don't have to carry as much and aren't as expensive compared to other bags, but they are so adorable! I'm sure she will love it!
  14. VERY cute!!! She is going to be thrilled!!!!!

  15. That is so cute Mommyville - I can't wait to see pics of the mother/daughter bag duo! She will be so excited! :tup: