Prez Day Weekend! What are you carrying?

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  1. Hey everyone! Happy President's Day! I wanted to know what everyone is carrying right now and what's in their bag? :tup:

    Bag? Wallet? Phone? Pouches? Organizers/Agendas? And anything else that's in your bag?

    I'm carrying my montorgueil, zippy coin purse, ludlow, mini pochette, pochette, 6 key holder, D&G Razr, Coach red mini skinny key case, checkbook w/ cover of my pups & a $3 pink organizer from Walmart hehe! I will try to post a pic tomorrow! :yahoo:
  2. hmm I don't think I'll need to carry a bag but I always carry my Damier 4 key holder...
  3. Well I am not carrying an LV bag at the moment... I want to be casual tomorrow, well today (Monday) so I am going to carry my RL Tote with my Mono Ludlow, Mono Key Holder for 6, Mono Clefs and Mono Poche Toilette 26.

  4. Yesterday I carried my hamstead mm, with my pomme agenda and violette zippy. I've been carrying this bag for about a month. So, today, on Pres. Day, I am carrying my mono speedy 30 with the same accessories. Hope it doesn't rain..........
  5. Yesterday I switched from my Trevi PM to my Ellipse PM. Will carrry the Ellipse today, too. Accessories: mono Koala wallet, mini T&B pochette, mono cles, sunglasses, makeup bag, card holder, etc.
  6. Lousy weather here so Trevi has been out this weekend
    Vintage wallet and eyeglass case, pomme vernis cosmetic case, pochette cles, huge channel sunglasses case, bottle of advil and a pen
  7. Today I am using my Black MC petite noe. I also have my white MC agenda, framboise vernis cles, mono 6 key holder, pouchette florentine, makeup, bills, papers and my hair cutting case with my scissors- I get to cut my Mom's hair after work - I love to do hair!!
  8. I'm carrying my brand-spanking-new WAPITY! YAY! :S I LOVE IT!
  9. Hampstead MM
    Monogram Mat Agenda
    Red epi pochette wallet
    Red epi checkbook holder
  10. I'm carrying my mirage speedy with mono zippy wallet, camera, Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses, epiPen, GoSmile on the go whitening kit, GoSmile breath spray, checkbook, Blackberry Curve, notepad, lint remover strips, fashion tape, tylenol, and I'm sure I forgot more.
  11. Finally got a chance to take a pic of inside of my bag!

    bag inside.JPG
  12. tivoli gm
    pomme vernis cosmetic case
    pomme vernis pochette cles
    nintendo ds
    cassis epi zipp coin purse
    LV sunglasses
  13. my graffiti speedy with Tresor wallet
  14. My Large Looping!
  15. My Neo Cabby GM in black with the Vernis Violette Heart as a charm. It was perfect to carry cross-body as we walked around this little quaint city by the beach and explored. In it is my Epi Pochette in Cassis, Mono Cosmetique, MC Wapity for my digi, Pink Razor, Violette cles for my keys and LV shades.

    Today for lunch, I'm thinking of switching to my Mahina XL in Noir.