Previously suspended sellers are power sellers? How?

  1. :confused1: I have always wanted to know how previously suspended sellers with their accounts still suspended, opened a new account and be power sellers without being kick off by ebay?
    As you know ebay will suspend anyone with suspended accounts before?
    And the thing that amazes me the most is that they are selling fake bags and yet their feedback is perfect and a powerseller.
    Someone please explain to me. i really appreciate it.:confused1:
  2. Anyone can have multiple eBay accounts. And even the suspended accounts can be re-opened if the counterfeit sellers provide eBay with bogus receipts. Also these counterfeit sellers use their low FB accounts to bid on each other's items to hike up the positive FB. KWIM?
  3. I know what you mean. I have seen some sellers with perfect feedback who have sold fakes. It's hard to believe.
  4. It happens A LOT... it's called shill bidding and the sellers are nothing but crooks.
  5. PowerSeller means that you've sold for $1,000 a month, that's it. Being a powerseller doesn't really worth anything, it doesn't give you any "power", just sounds good. I wish they gave me some PayPal discount codes instead :search:
  6. that's why i rather judge by the things they sell and the bad feedbacks they get.
  7. How to qualify

    Each month eBay automatically sends email invitations to qualified sellers. To qualify, members must:
    • [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]Have been an active member for 90 days[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]Average a minimum of $1000 in sales per month, for three consecutive months[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]Achieve an overall Feedback rating of 100, of which 98% or more is positive[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]Have an account in good financial standing[/FONT]
  8. But some way or another, eBay somehow manage to track you down and suspend your account. As 3 years ago, when I was new on eBay and a friend was selling her sunglasses on ebay and I said I wanted it and she should have asked me to buy it, so anyway, she was at mine and we set up my account, and she told me to bid on it as it would be unfair to the other bidders and she would have to pay seller fees anyway. We were caught for shill bidding and got suspended. I ignored the suspended account and let it be as I thought that I will nvr wanna buy anything on eBay anyway. A yr later, I wanted to sell a few designer bags and they suspended me for holding a suspended account, so i ignored and started a new accoutn and startd selling again. Got suspended 2 months later, I have tried calling and emailing, they just refuse to reinstate it.
  9. So I just continue opening new accounts and they keep suspending me. One time I finally got more than 100 feedback, and good feedback too stating my stuff are all authentic, 3 months later, got an email saying that I was related to a old account of mine. Wrote to them telling them i have been good and stuff and that was 3yrs ago and learnt frm my mistake, they wont reinstate. Currently, I have no account. Im sick of getting suspended. Sorry to bore u with so much to read...What would you do?
  10. i have being suspended once. but that's because i had trouble on my CC account. after the ebay fees payment settled, i can use my ebay acc. again.
    so i guess there's few reasons for being suspended :P
  11. I guess once its shill bidding or maybe selling ilegal stuff, and u did not fight immediately. You will always have problem with getting an eBay account. I even moved house and got another account, changed my name subscription, new credit card. One way or another, and I don't know how, eBay still managed to track me down. And what frustrates me is that I have been good and did everything according to the books. Gee, what should i do....:hysteric:
  12. The Powersellers status means nothing! There are so many seller's proof of that! It's ebay's way of recognising the sellers who make them the most money! It says nothing about authenticity or the seller's ethics.

    If you're going to buy something expensive, research the product and research the seller! If the seller is dodgy, someone is bound to know about it!

    I actually rejected ebay's offer of powerseller silver status. Means nothing to me.
  13. I see, how can i research the seller?
  14. Read through their feedback - particularly the negatives. This website,, will allow you to view all of the seller's -ve and neutral feedback without traversing the list of +ve. If you google the seller's name, you may also find something about the seller on other discussion boards. Also, if they sell designer handbags, ask other tPFers here and they might have comments to share. If the seller is a powerseller, then chances are someone here may have already transacted with them.

    Research the item you are buying and ask the seller for pictures of the ACTUAL item. Sellers with authentic items to sell should be more than happy to accommodate. If they don't answer your questions, or don't provide you with pics, you should bid with caution!

    HTH. :smile: