Previously owned LV at "The Snob"

  1. I noticed this website listed under "vintage" in the "shop links" section of The have a lot of previously owned LV. Has anyone ever purchased anything from them?
  2. WOW-I got lost in that website!
    I looked at the chanel bags....My concern with this site is that 2 chanel bags had broken clasps-If they are the real deal-Why wouldnt they take them to Chanel to be fixed before selling???!They would get more $!!!!
  3. I haven't seen the Chanel section yet, but that is a good question. Maybe whomever sold the bag didn't want to pay to have it fixed? I wonder if it costs a lot to get it fixed...I don't know that much about Chanel repair.
  4. Also, the store owners seem to have a lot of stuff.. so I doubt they would invest their own funds in repairing items on consignment anyway...
  5. What a cool site... legit, no?
  6. I saw it on I'm hoping that toutie only associates itself with legit sites.
  7. Did you see the cute little gucci backpacks? Arent they cute? If I had a daughter I'd buy them for her!
  8. I wish I could see what the hermes birkin sold for. I'm on the waitlist for one. They have some great stuff and it's authentic. V
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