Previous Season bag?

  1. Hello, I just wondering that as dior launch their bag mostly as a seasonal bag like Detective, Flight, Gaucho and Jeanne but once the season is end dose Dior stop making the bag suddenly? and will you be able to find one from the past season in the boutique ( Paris)? like.... next year will you still can find a gaucho with every color and meterial?(not include the one from cruise collection)

    THANKS!:smile: :smile:
  2. it depends on the locality of the dior i reckon. generally i don't see any past season bags on the shelves here in the uk usually, although when i'm back in asia, i sometimes see the dior flight, vintage flowers (no frame bag though) tucked away in a corner of the boutique.

    if i'm not wrong, lines like the dior flight, vintage flowers, etc - generally lines that you can find in the outlet stores in the US, have ended production, and whatever is in stock in the stores is all the stock they have. but some lines are constantly being updated - trotter romantique, diorissimo, lady dior/cannage - i don't see them ever ending the line.

    not too sure about the gaucho but considering the gaucho was launched in a/w 05 (if i remember correctly), and that it's still being made, i'd give it till the end of this year at least before they end the line. i wouldn't even be surprised if they continue with it because it's a nice update of the saddle bags from dior.
  3. Hi, again... Im having a questions(again) about the previous season bag, that I've ask you.... if this late year will you still be able to find a Gaucho in store but I really want to know the others too...Flight and Detective. And if there's none in the store what can you you? will the SA order it for you? (I didnt live in the US dats why I couldn't go to the outlet:cry: :cry: ) what should I do, or even in the next two years!! will all these wonderful bags disappear from every store around the world??:cry::cry::cry:
  4. i think it has a lot to do with how well the bag is selling..

    like sometimes Dior doesnt even produce some of the bags that were on the runway because they are too wild and wouldn't sell... its just up to the brand, whether they produce stuff or not and for how long...unfortunately
  5. not too sure about dior flight, but i think the detective bags have been around for quite some time and i reckon it'd probably stay for some time, because generally, i find that dior doesn't do discounts/sales on their more popular lines that are still in production - the gauchos, detective (bar a smaller version of the medium) and trotter romantique lines were all not on sale when dior had their sale back in december.

    as for the gaucho, i keep seeing it being reinvented in various forms that i'm sure it'll be around for some time too.

    as for the bags being not in store, well if it's them running out of stock, then you can always ask to reserve one when the new stock comes, the SA will ring you up when it arrives. if it's not in the store because it's no longer in production, then i'm afraid you'd have to look to the outlets (which you said you can't) or on eBay.

  6. Thank you so so much! zerodroos :heart: and every one, as you guys know that Im looking for a usded gaucho for quite sometimes now... well, actually the story is... I have 2 bags im my mind which I'll buy on a trip to Beijing next weeked 1. is Gaucho Double saddle in Red (which I love it so so much) 2. is Louis Vuitton Baggy GM (which I also wanted one since it launched) and I've make a decision that I'll buy the...... Baggy Gm, :sweatdrop: and just wanted to let every one know that I love Dior the most but there's many reasons why I just couldn't buy one right now(one in it is the price though) and I said to myself, just wait a little longer when Im old enough and will work hard to earn alot and will ofcourse build a biggest Gaucho family:graucho: and others Dior...
    but thankyou to every one here again you are so kind!

    :heart: I LOVE YOU AND DIOR!:heart: