Preview to my newest V.i.n.y....

  1. L..oving!!!!!!!!
    pics coming up!!!
    SO SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!
    i keep looking at the bag...i :heart: iT!
    feel so silly..hihi
  2. The suspense is killing me!!
  3. CONGRATS! Hurry hurry!
  4. here comes the art of teasing and stripteasing..:nuts:
    chanel 001.jpg
  5. not going to be a pain and make u guys go thru this!!!
    but maybe just this one time...hihihihih...
    chanel 002.jpg
  6. ohh alright alright...
    im no meanie!!!
    here she is guys!!!:yahoo:
    wahooooooooo love her!!
  7. ops forgot the attachment..hihi..
    chanel 003.jpg
  8. Congrats Baby sis! It's lovely!
  9. thanks sis!loving ur magenta too!!:p
  10. That was cute...and suspenseful (sp?)!!! Your going to love it, and the attention you get is crazy. I wore mine in Vegas last week and I had the SA's from Chanel around me oohing and aahing.
  11. Oh you ARE a tease! But it was worth it! Love it, congrats!
  12. Very nice!!! Where did you brought this? Is it still available in store?
  13. thanks girls!!!
    i bought this in cusp century city los angeles...i think they might still have one!
    it wont hurt to call..:heart:
  14. REALLY??? Do they have an email address? I don't live in US... :crybaby:
  15. this is my dream bag in this moment.....'re so Lucky!!!!!