Preview sale for CL and on pedder in HK

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  1. good news for ladies in HK. i just received a preview sale invitation card, 40% off for selected items for CL and on pedder, from 12-18 Dec.
    i love to skip my lunch and check it out NOW :nuts:
    if the python or simple pumps on sale, i'll be happy to get it and will be my last purchase for this year (coz i just spend $$ on my new prada last night.. ) :p
  2. WOW I'm super jealous!! I hope you have great luck:p
  3. please update on the on pedder sale..

    is it for the singapore and jakarta locations as well?
  4. ok. i called CL just now, simply asked on what'll be on sale, mainly 30% off. below is what i can recall
    - lady gres
    - rolandos in leopard patent
    - simple pumps 85 in fuchsia and grey (patent!!!!)
    - some boots
    - handbags

    i'm not sure whether on pedder carries different stocks, i have no time to check it out until fri.. good luck ladies
  5. on pedder singapore has no simple pumps on sale..

    they have flats, pigalle 70, pigalle 100, black peanut, sock in pewter and red patent..

    sale starts this saturday unless you hold a vip card..

  6. do you have the HK CL store number and location? My dad will be there next week, so I can ask him to pick up a few things for me..
  7. I am so jealous!!

    Mgdinosaur, did you mention Pedder SG is selling pigalle 100?
  8. yes.. pigalle 100 are on sale this sat, if you have vip card, they are on sale now... they have pigalle 70 in my size...
  9. hello. below is the info
    phone: 21180016
    address: 7 on lan street, central

    better give them a call to ask what are on sale. i visited around lunch and quite a no of ppl are busy trying and some styles run out of sizes..
  10. do these stores ship overseas? i'd love a pigalle 100.
  11. ooohhh... simple pumps for HKD 3000
  12. pigalle 100 is in gold from the graffiti series and pigalle 70mm are left in red and blue patent (for the blue ones it's left in size 36.5 i managed to get a pair in my size left). the discount for the CLs are 20% urgh! not good enough LOL and the flats are also from graffiti series.
  13. Thanks mgdinosaur!
  14. i was at Lane Crawford and they have the Simple 70 pumps on sale in Pink patent and Green Patent...

    I didn't know that the pink patents Simples 70s were on sale at On Pedder??!! I called and the SA said that style wasn't on sale...WTF?!?!?
  15. simples are not on sale at on pedder because they would carry over the colours to next season..

    sad.. i know..

    what about the HK louboutin boutique?? they have simples on sale but the store manager didn't call me back :sad: