Preview Sale at Koh Samui!

  1. Preview Sale at Koh Samui

    Not sure where to post this but just thought I would mention that Koh Samui in Covent Garden have 40% of their Balenciaga! I saw they had a beautiful Part-time in Blue India, Weekenders in Black (could have been ink) and White, they had quilted Box bags in Black and Rouge Vif whistle bag?? I think.

    Am not sure if everyone is able to buy at the preview sale (I have a Koh Samui card) but I think the Sale will be open to everyone by the end of the week.

    Happy shopping!!;)
  2. Whow, a black weekender would be nice, I know I'm on a BAN :p but just out of curiosity how much would this weekender be ???
    Oh, little problem I'm in France...:crybaby:
  3. The weekender was around £800, I think? So it's 40% off that! They are very nice and helpful there. You can call them on 00 44 20 7240 4280. I am sure they will ship international, I remember some PF members grabbing a bargain with the Magenta they had on sale in the summer!

    Plus, you should celebrate your 1000 post with a BBag!! Congrats BTW!!:yahoo:
  4. HOLY SMOKES...that's £480! Even with the crappy £ to USD exchange rate, that is still a deal! :jammin:
  5. do you get charged customs when you order from them?? can someone convert the rates of the sale prices to USD please? thanks in advance!
  6. I smell trouble now... :roflmfao:
  7. ok WHERE is koh samui? and will there be any bags left on sunday? that's when I'm going!!!
  8. Koh Samui address is 65-67 Monmouth Street Covent Garden London WC2. Nearest tube is Leceister Square. When I went yesterday they were still putting stock out, so it's possible they may have more BBags than what I may be worth giving them call before you go to see what they have.
  9. I did call the girl was so nice, they have quilted in black and brown as well as an off white weekender and I'm holding my breath:
    2 brown cities, she didn't know if it was truffe or marron.
    The cities were £720 and are now £435 :drool: !

    I'm dying right now...but she told me it's for members only and no putting aside! :crybaby:
  10. so we can't get one? sniff sniff... when do the regular sales begin? maybe we'll be lucky then?

  11. How does one get a card/become a member?

    Thanks in advance!
  12. When I last made a purchase in the summer they took my details and then they sent me a I think it is when you have bought from them that you become a member. Hopefully the sales will start by the end of this week!
  13. Thank you! A friend of mine who lives in the US is a member (she once sent me an e-mail about a sale, that's how I knew) but wasn't sure how she became one.
  14. my friend got a Magenta in the summer!! it's soo pretty!! :nuts:
  15. I tried calling today from Canada and the number wouldn't go through...