Preview Pics - April Releases - Last group - New Azur

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  1. Here's the other two new Azur pieces - the Favorite (shown is the PM size, she did not have the MM size in yet) and the new Riviera bag. I've also attached a pic of the bottom of the Riviera bag. Not really a fan of this one's shape, but the braided handles are nice.

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  2. Ughh and I'm getting the Favorite MM, too! I already have the mono one but this is too cute!
  3. Lovely, I like the Riviera, can't wait to see the MM size. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Love the Favorite in azure but not sure if it will get dirty eazy
  5. Thanks for sharing!! Do you know if the Riviera will come in DE? I love those handles!
  6. I like the riviera too
  7. Do we think the favorite ebene will come in the mm size
  8. thank you so much for posting these. the riviera is such a pretty bag. i love love love the handles but wish they had put feet on this one. azur is so fragile. i am leaning more toward the cabas azur adventure. it's so pretty and it has feet.
  9. Yes! Why didn't they put feet!!
  10. love the favorite! thanks for sharing!!!😘
  11. Thanks for the pics!! I love the braided handles!!
  12. thanks for sharing - the Favorite is lovely in DA!
  13. Riviera is not so nice looking. Braid handle looks ok.
  14. thanks for sharing!!! can't wait for the favorite!
  15. Thanks for posting these :smile: