Preview of Transporto Bags

  1. Hum....I have a mixed feeling with this print...who knows, maybe it will grow on me. Thanks for the link.:yes:
  2. There was another thread a while ago that had that link... That's where I first saw the Adios qee.
  3. yah, i have mixed feeling to, it's cute, but i something about it, i just have to see it irl. maybe i'll get a smaller bag like a bambino. i wonder what qee they are going to use? i hope they make a sandy qee or a ciao ciao qee.
  4. Yeah, I remember that thread. We all got excited about the new qee.
  5. i still don't like the gray background. may have to get something small.. again :p
  6. It's so strange how the Luisa Viaroma site shows normal white Qee's on the black bags and the Adiso Qee on the Tutti's, but not a single Qee on Transporto! I think I'm gonna be slightly disappointed if it is a normal white Qee with all this mystery going on.
  7. i like it on the smaller bambino,(deff. will be getting once it hits the states) but on the larger bags its just to spaced :push:
  8. i really don't like the new prints :sad:
  9. I only like the new keychain. hehe
  10. I love Transporto...but I can't decide what style to get. Have we confirmed that the MM won't be produced in Transporto, anywhere? That would be my first choice. Otherwise, Zucca, which I have and love in Pirata...or maybe a Bella or a Ciao, neither of which I have yet.


  11. oh how funny, i was just on that site last night. i also remember about the qee. =) i pre-ordered denaro, bambino and ciao. the small bags. i dont mind the gray only cause it won't get as dirty if it rubs on your jeans. still gotta see how it would look on the bigger bags irl. =)
  12. ew, i am really not liking that gray..............
  13. It seems so.. spaced out, I'm not really feeling this. I love the crazy chaoticness of the other prints - this, just doesn't have the same "feel".
  14. i agree with that! i noticed that too.. spaced out.. spread out?? lol